My baby is SEVEN

Today my youngest, my baby, my pink little bundle of joy is turning seven.

And I have blinked and missed it.

Where is that little baby who nuzzled at my breast, who’s warm little hands used to grasp the edge of her blanky. Where is my fierce, fearless toddler who used to climb absolutely anything? Where is my little child who waltzed into three year old kinder, four year old kinder and foundation with an air of knowing and full of confidence?

Well, let me tell you. She hopped on a bus this morning with her class mates bound for an excursion. She is still fearless and confident. And each and every day I give thanks that she is mine. She still loves to snuggle, and it is not uncommon to wake up with a Caitlin in the bed in the morning.

Throughout her life she certainly has tested my parenting. She has been whizzed off in an ambulance TWICE. Once when she choked as a four week old baby, and once when she slipped at swimming and knocked herself out cold. Four times we have presented at the emergency department – twice before she could voice her pain, once when she landed head first at 5, falling over a fence. And once in February this year when she broke her wrist. My sweet snuggly sweetheart has certainly kept me on my toes.

But as much as she tests me, she also makes me proud. All of her teachers have praised her love of learning and her abilities. Her first term in Foundation she was awarded the big term award. She gives everything her best and she does it just so that she can be her best, for herself.

She is a wonderful sister, if by that I mean that she never lets her big brother get away with anything. Caitie has a very strong knowing of right and wrong. She’s right – he’s wrong. hahaha. Jokes.

She has a very warm heart and shows empathy beyond her years.

At 2:20pm seven years ago, I was in a room at the hospital, starving hungry because I had been fasting since 8am. And I was getting into my gown. My midwife had just left after asking me and going through what I expected from the delivery. I was holding back tears because I was already missing Logan and wondering how this huge change was going to effect our families dynamic. Would he be ok? Had we done the right thing in giving him a sibling? Is he ok at Grandads?

I will share both kids birth stories at a later date.

Happy Birthday Caitie. I love you back to the moon and front.

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