Wedding Day

Alan and I were married in Echuca. A favourite holiday destination for us. We have been going there for the whole thirteen years we have been together, plus pre knowing each other as well. I actually went there for a week, on camp, in grade 6.

It was an easy decision for our wedding destination… And it was the perfect day.

Given that our two kids were attending and still quite young at 10 months and two and a half we had an afternoon, family friendly wedding on the MV Mary Ann. Our ceremony and reception was on board the MV Mary Ann while it was still docked and following the ceremony we embarked on a 4 hour cruise up and down the Murray River with a two course meal and plenty of drinks. It was a relatively small affair of mostly family.

Looking back I would do a few things differently but it really was the most amazing day.

After the party was over, a few of us kicked on at the Moama Bowls club. My Dad and Step Mum had our kids for the night.

For the four days prior and three days precluding our wedding we stayed at the Moama on Murray Resort. It was phenomenal. On Sunday the owners cook pancakes and most of the guests head on down to enjoy breakfast together. They have a number of different farm animals which are cared for by management and staff, so most mornings I would take Logan and Caitlin down with our breakfast scraps and we would feed the goats, the pigs and other animals. This event is at a specific time each morning. They also have an indoor play center and small water park for the parents and children to enjoy.

Many of our friends stayed at the same place so it was lovely to kick back and relax with them for the weekend.

It is somewhere we intend to revisit.

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