Birthday parties and all the tricks.

20180526_134439As my daughter’s 7th birthday fast approached I was left reminiscing about both of the kids and everything between now and their conception. The things we have done, places we have seen and how devastatingly fast the time is going.

As a parent it is obvious that I only want what is best for my child. I have spent countless nights awake and wondering, many hours of research goes into any decision of activity, travel etc. Another blog on the stress I went through in trying to select a school…

However, as I sat at my desk planning my daughters 7th birthday party. Stressing and wondering why the heck I left it so late. This year she is had it at home. She wrote her list and named all of the invitations (purchased in notepad form this year – because my head is FULL of a thousand other things – and OMG how is it May already?) and I filled out all of the other necessary data.

We had one of Alan’s old school friends coming with her petting zoo of baby animals, because Caitlin is an animal loving freak. We had party pies, sausage rolls, club sandwiches (would you believe most 7 years olds I have served LOVE egg and lettuce), fruit platters and a grazing plate (kabana, cheese, dips and the likes).

Caitlin had an amazing time… We had 30 children attend. And there was no tears. The animals were a huge hit and Kathleen was absolutely brilliant with all of the children. Check out her website here :

There was a goat, sheep, a goose, a few ducks, more then a few chooks, rabbits, guinea pigs and her farm dog Merlot. One cheeky rabbit escaped and regretted it’s decision to do so as soon as our local magpie started swooping at it.

Her party went for two and a half hours. Many of the parents opted to drop their children off and leave. The school Mum’s who have become my friends/support network/tribe stayed on and were promptly put to work, placing trays on tables, taking photo’s or just making sure the animals were getting cuddles. Ally made the most perfect Fluttershy birthday cake which Caitlin absolutely loved. She was showered with so many thoughtful and generous gifts.

Initially it was stressful planning a party at home. Usually the only parties / gatherings we host are for adults or only a couple of the kids friends. But I must admit it was so lovely to have a good old fashioned home party. Just like the ones we used to have back in the early 90’s.


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