Friends that are family.

Today my bestie visited me.

I was not in the greatest mood and she was coming off a rough night with her 7 month old twins. So we bitched for the first half an hour, in between playing ‘heads and shoulders’ with the babes. We both relaxed into converstion and I know that by the end of her two hour visit I felt immensely better.

I have known this beautiful human since we we 8 years old (the same age as my eldest). She is my soul sister and I cannot imagine my life without her.

We have experienced a lot together, being forced to attend birthday parties we didn’t want to, transistioning to high school, wagging school, sneaky piercings, cheating boyfriends, bad hair styles, weight gain, weight loss, alcohol poisoning and witnessing each others children grow. During the horrid years of my parents separating and my Dad (who I opted to live with – details in another post at a later date) trying to find a new partner and never being home- it was her family that welcomed me to their dinner table almost every night and let me crash whenever I needed. Her Mum who encouraged her to wait out the months after my first baby was born and I was suffering severe post natal depression…

She is that friend that if she calls me in the middle of the night needing my help with something sketchy, no questions – I will be there. (But she is a sensible human and I doubt that I will be hiding a body for her.)

I share my dreams with her and my doubts and without fail I know she has my back, as I do hers…

So, cheers to almost 25 years of friendship and hopefully many more.


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