Job seaching, children and plans.

When I had my children I had quite a good job in a corporate office. After my first I returned to my position full time before falling pregnant with my second and heading off on maternity leave again.

Upon the end of my 12 months maternity leave I realised that I didn’t particularly want to work 9 – 5, Monday to Friday and have my children in creche from 8am until 6pm… Sadly I wasn’t able to return part time so after much deliberating with my husband,  I resigned and found a part time job working just three days a week. I stayed in that position for approximately 18 months before issues of neglect were arising at the centre my children attended.

I once again found myself resigning from a job, only this time to stay home and be the primary carer for my babies. One who was not such a little one any more. I left my part time role just as Christmas was upon us and Logan began kinder in the February. Caitlin stayed home with me that year and we attended playgroup and other activities such as gymnastics and story time at the library. We always made sure to have a lot of fun on the two days Logan was home from kinder including swimming lessons.

Logan had a magnificent year at kinder. He had a very maternal kinder teacher and a very “old school” assistant. He was also very blessed to have a second assistant who was male. Chris was the absolute best and very much idolised.
The following year Logan went into school and Caitlin into three year old kinder and one full day of daycare. I returned to study during this year and began my Bachelor of Education (Primary). I must admit education wise for the three of us, this was one of the best years. Logan had a phenomenal Prep teacher who was the perfect fit for him… And Caitlin had the two most delightful, kind and caring kinder teachers… Actually every single year since then Caitlin has had the best educators I have ever come across. But in all honestly she loves to learn, she loves to better herself and she loves the environment of kinder/school/learning. So hats off to M&M, D&J and MrL… so far.

Anyhoo… it appears my life has done a complete circle employment wise. I interviewed last week for the same position I held prior to beginning my family… And have progressed 2 stages beyond the initial stage.

I have applied for soooo many jobs over the last six to eight months that I couldn’t even begin to guess a figure to give you. A few of those positions I wanted so badly that when I was notified of being unsuccessful I actually cried… (yay those empath traits). Of over 150 applications being sent out I interviewed for 11 roles… I have reached a point when I no longer feel nervous before walking into an interview… Which also comes with age, I guess and the confidence of knowing who you are at 32…

Anyway, I would really love to return to full time work… I have plans, big plans and a future to plan for… but first…. steady income. And yes, I am a little emotional that I will need to utilise before and after school care as well as holiday programs… But I hope the kids know that everything I do, I do for them and us and our future.

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