Full time work

So last Monday I dove head first into my new job at my old company. It was strange walking into a familar office with no familiar faces. (Although a few old peeps popped over to say hi later in the day)

Let me tell you, the week was utterly exhausting. I actually had to set an alarm for the first time in years (cheers to my son for being the early riser his whole life). And I had to wake Caitlin all but one day.

Getting both kids out the door and to before school care by 7:30am was rough. One morning slammed me with the most epic boy child meltdown of the year. Screaming, tears and self mutilation… I cried, he cried and fuck this new routine. It was a tough week. I am blessed that my work is 15 minutes from the kids school… So I wasn’t late this week.

I really hope the crazy, hectic madness slows down. Alarms, coffee, getting everyones lunches done (goal: do this at night time), loading the car, dropping the kiddies off, work, picking the kids up, any after school activities, quick grocery stock ups, cooking dinners, showers, kids homework and no me time this week…. This week I also had a school council meeting… So I lost an evening there. Apparently this will get easier.

I missed my Mum friends so much this week. But one most special one came with me today while I did my full grocery shop just so we could catch up. (And so she could push the Costco trolley)

The phone system didn’t work all week and the very first day the company’s computer program didn’t work either.  Hopefully next week it will all be up and running. 

I have decided though, that since we may have a little extra money at the end of our months…. that I am going to return some vanity into my life and have my lashes tinted, get my nails done and possibly return to being a blonde me… (I miss my long blonde locks). I put a call out on facebook yesterday for recommendations.

Because the week was rough on the kids, we took them and a friend each to see Jurassic World and it was freaking amazing. I loved every minute of it. I only cried once and felt like cheering numerous times. One scene I leaned over to check on the younger two but they were fine with watching a dinosaur amputate a mans arm. I was in grade 4 when Jurassic Park came out so I have fond memories of acting it out on the school playground with my friends.

Anyway I am completely wrecked and the work went far too fast and I need to organise holiday programs for my babes and enquire about a property… (oooh stay tuned)

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