Jobs on top of Jobs.

Next week I begin at a new job. I know right? Another. 

This one came to me though, through old collegues and LinkedIn. I was approached from the Managing Director (from a previously held position) and went in after hours for a casual catch up chat.

This occured since beginning the full time job mentioned in a previous post… And I ummmmed and arhhhhhhed over it for what felt like an eternity.

There were many deciding factors. Office politics, memories that came flooding back – not good ones either, staff being catty about workmates, systems not working properly, not being able to get the equipment required to perform the job to the best of my ability and collegues who subtly hinted that one should work through lunch and stay back late to get the work done.

These things were everything I remembered about working there previously, I guess these memories were masked by the great people I was working with at the time… Since I have had a few jobs in between I now know that these concerns are not commonplace. Businesses don’t need to operate this way to be successful.

I quit this job… with no-where else to go. But my son really needed me home due to a number of different health concerns… 

Following this happening I was made aware that my cousin had died by suicide…. It was a really rough week.

I look forward to my new beginning next week.

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