Sibling Rivalry

I have an 18 month and one week age gap between my two little monsters *cough – darling children?

More often then not they do NOT get along, they are horrible towards each other and I spend a lot of time breaking up both screaming fights and physical fisty cuffs. I hate it. I find it utterly exhausting and it grates me to my core. I regulary find myself wondering where I have gone wrong or planning my great escape… The one where I pack the bare essentials and drive towards the horizon all by myself with no arguments, no worries and pleasant company (my own).

Tonight they are screaming blue murder towards each other, nothing I will say can calm them down and everything is escalting their already shit behaviour. She has scratched him, he has kicked her and I am done with life. It started from the second they were both in the same room this morning… And apparently it wont end until they have both cried themselves to sleep… 

Isn’t parenthood grand? 

I do not recommend this age gap.

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