Diagnosis Received

Last year I had a dyslexia screening assessment done for my son. I was ill informed and was under the impression that by having this I would be able to ensure extra assistance at school for my struggling Grade 2 child… This particular assessment showed that he was dyslexic and it outlined what accommodations he would benefit from. I paid for his teacher and the literacy assistant to attend a meeting with the specialist who conducted the screening. I left this meeting feeling attacked, as did the specialist. I then heard back from another employee of the school that it was spoken of in the staff room and this particular staff member asked if I was ok.

In short, no. No, I was not ok. This school and these  staff members were (and did) fail to provide adequate education for my son. I felt victimised by being spoken of in a negative way in the staff room whilst not there to defend myself for taking a proactive approach to my sons education. My son received no extra assistance or any accomodations.

Over 18 months later I have had him assessed through SPELD and yes, I was right, the screening was right and he is in fact dyslexic. I am waiting for the official report but I already feel like this school is still not going to provide what my son needs to be the best he can be in the public school environment.

His teacher from grade 2 is now my daughters teacher… and the terrible literacy support teacher who was rude and condescending has moved on to a new school in the next municipality over.

I am devastated that he has lost a year and a half of his education, I am annoyed at myself for listening to these ‘teachers’ and doubting myself.

I am kicking myself that I didn’t leave this half arsed school back in 2016 when he was at the end of grade 1. I was going to. I had handed the enrollment forms in and my daughter even completed the prep transition program at the other school. But I was so excited for who my daughter was placed in Prep with at the dodge school that we stayed. She had an amazing year. My son had his 2nd terrible year. And I am full of regret. I held high hopes that he would eventually have the same teacher my daughter did for Prep. But sadly he left the school with the old Principal who ran the school into the ground and the terrible lieracy support teacher and a host of other decent teachers to open one of the new PPPS schools.

So I am now back to where I was, knowing I need to leave this school, hating that the ‘system’ fails so many, distraught about what my kids future holds and completely baffled at what I can do to change this world. Do I go back to uni? Do I rally and petition? Do I name and shame?

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