House and study

I want so badly to move.

Hubby and I purchased the house we live in pre-children. I was under the impression it was a stepping stone home. One that we would live in while we made renovations and then flip it.

Ten years, two children and a few cars later: we still live in this small 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom home. We became pregnant 6 months after settlement, so renovations were on hold. We had our second baby eighteen months after our first was born. So I have predominantly been a SAHM or a part time working Mum. Needless to say not a lot of ‘upgrading’ around the house has occured.

Hubby’s parents (divorced) live within a km of us either way so I feel like his intentions all along have been to stay in this house, as it can accomadate his boys toys. I, on the other hand began my Bachelor of Education whilst working PT but due to not having any space of my own, studying was super difficult and I wasn’t getting the results I knew I was capable of. So I deferred (then deferred again, and again, and again.)

Now both children are in school (although I am about to change their school) I would really love to go back and complete my studies. But would really love to have a study where I can shut the door and fully commit to making a change. Where I can display ALLLL my books and breathe.

Hubs feels we would be better off extending… And he may be right. We have a relatively low mortgage compared to peers our age. But the location of our home means we are zoned for ‘less that desirable’ public schools. I am so conflicted.

Although I cant decide which would be the more stressful: renovating or moving.

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