Switching Schools

I enquired at 3 different schools as to whether I could enrol the kids there. Unfortunately, it seems all of the decent schools around my house are zoned. And strict at that.

So I have managed to make hubby see sense and our house will definitely be on the market by the end of October. We have chosen 2 nice areas in which we would be happy to live. In the zone for 2 of the more desirable schools. And since making this decision 2 weeks ago we have noticed how run down and rough our area is becoming. I have been attacked by a dog and we have seen multiple drug deals occuring at the end of our street.

The issue is we may have to rent for a while, until a home that suits our needs becomes available. We are hopeful that this next home will be the forever home.

While I am sad because this house holds many memories, the conception of our children, bringing them home from hospital, numerous birthday parties, many a hangover, our proposal and engagement celebrations. I do look forward to a better future for my kids. I really hope the next school is able to catch them up (with my home assistance) from how far behind they are.

We have a lot of decluttering, removal of all personal effects and tidying up to do before it hits the market, so stay tuned.

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