I hate awards.

I am all for immediate gratification… As in. Wow, you finally mastered your splits, congratulations have a sticker for your journal. n Or that is an amazing story recount, here’s a sticker for your efforts.

We have definitely decided that the kids will need to move schools next year. There are so many things that need improving where they are. Quick snapshot for you: devices (there is no bring your own device at all) this has been brought up at school council but because of our socio economic status it is believed that it will be met with too much resistance from families. Their shit award system, one kid in Logan’s class has had 5 awards already this year, 2 merits, 2 term awards and one of the exclusive star awards, multiple children have had 3 awards…. Logan has yet to receive one at all. Despite his teacher telling me last Wednesday that he has improved immensely since April both behavior and learning. The school is so incestuous. Family members working together, in laws, nieces, kids that attend have multiple family members on the staff… The grounds and bathrooms are poorly maintained, communication is terrible and I am often wary about the kids safety… see earlier posts…

Caitlin competed in her last calisthenics competition of the year and performed in the clubs end of year concert. She had a good year despite the obvious favouritism displayed from her coach when the end of year awards were given out. I was warned from another parent I know that this lady has obvious favourites… She wasn’t wrong. I honestly found this year to be tough… She loved it at the start, but when you are grouped with 3 of the coaches nieces and a family friends from their last club… She was never going to be given much, hey. Despite never missing a class all year even when she had a broken arm in a cast for 5 weeks. But we can’t complain because families like the ones mentioned above are everywhere. They infiltrate multiple areas of clubs, workplace and the likes. So society just ebbs and flows around it.

I wonder what it would be like to grow up as these entitled children who are constantly told they are amazing… What effect it will have on them when they enter the real world and they have no family member there to hold their hand or push them through the gates.

This month Logan starting seeing a tutor, she seems lovely and after a few sessions is noticing areas that Logan hasn’t mastered or hasn’t been taught at all. So the next few months she will be filling in these missing bricks from his learning wall. Hopefully next year’s teacher/principal will be more open to sitting down to map out an individual education plan.

So many places to call, tour, apply to…

I wish this post wasn’t such a downer… Bring on 2019.

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