Master L’s Birthday

Friday just gone was my biggest little’s 9th birthday.

What an epic journey it has been. Logan came 11 days after his due date by caesarian. He weighed in at 4.83kg and was a screaming mess from the second he took his first breath. He was an attached baby who loved snuggles and this has remained the same throughout his childhood. He gives the warmest hugs and says the sweetest things.

We planned for him, a party at The Shed in Cranbourne. He has 10 of his friends join him and they scootered their little hearts out. There was red faces and sweat everywhere. Logan remained uninjured, however he attends the shed often with his mate Mr RE. Caitlin came off second best to a young teen fella who didn’t see her until he was airborne over the ramp (sorry mate) she is a bit bruised and battered this week.

Logan had his bestie stay the night and they used one of the Minecraft books given to him by another friend to built all sorts of houses. Thanks Mr KA, awesome gift choice. 👌 Pizza and chocolate for dinner made for 2 very happy boys.

I am so proud of Logan and all he has overcome and dealt with this year. He had his term 1 teacher leave to go on long service and he took a while to adjust to his new teacher, he has received his diagnosis of dyslexia and begun with an MSL tutor and since beginning with her has discovered many of the rules of English that he has either missed or not been taught. He has signed up to hockey and is so far LOVING it, which make my heart happy – we’ve tried him at football, karate, BMX riding and swimming and completely opened up the world with offers of “pick ANYTHING”. And so far he has been excited to attend with no resistance. He has had a rough year, with many a morning of school refusal. My employment was a bit random for a while earlier this year which could have been the cause for some of his unsavoury behaviours. But he has learnt and grown from this experiences and I hope that 9 can be his year….

Logan has phenomenal persuasive power, he likes to debate and barter. As a parent it’s exhausting but I hope this means he will do well in business and life and never allow anyone to walk over him.

Happy birthday Logie Bear, I love you back to the moon and front.

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