Gumbuya World

Over the weekend we visited Gumbuya World with four other families. I was a bit unsure we would be able to make the most of it as the weather was forecast 23 with rain. I feel in this case the forecast was advantageous for us because we did not have to line up.

We arrived just before opening at 10am. It was a short 35 minute drive from our home and parking was easy. As lazy sods we like to park close-ish to the entrance – mainly to limit the whining from tired children as we leave.


I found it somewhat annoying that food is not able to be packed from home… Even though I did see many families had brought snacks in…

We purchased the children a $3 bag of feed for the animals at the gate and my Rio loving daughter was in awe of the macaws as we entered the gates. I had read reviews that it can be super busy here so so I shot down to secure our belongings in a locker for a $10 fee to be sure that while we were in Oasis springs, our things were safe.

We worked our way around the park beginning with the animals. We had the opportunity to feed goats, lambs and emus before we made our way into the bird enclosure to see galahs , lorikeets, rosellas, parrots and peacocks.

Outside of the enclosure we viewed koalas and kangaroos. An albino wallaby with her joey, wombats and dingoes. The kangaroos were behind the safety rope because they had just been given their breakfast. The kids were lucky enough to feed one curious kangaroo who ventured closer. We somehow missed each and every animal show which in hindsight is a bit disappointing.

All 11 children were excited to head over to the rides. We started them of in the dodgem cars which they all enjoyed. Our group broke of here as trying to keep together was becoming difficult. Alan and I had been waiting to take our kids on the roller coaster after a light shower it had to be closed. Afterwards Logan and Alan went on the tree swing and it was raining the duration of their ride, when the disembarked they were both freezing, Caitlin and a few of the other kids went on the teacup ride in the meantime.


It took us 2 hours to make our way around this much of the park, before we stopped at the cafe nearest the Oasis springs. Food was reasonably priced and edible – given that it is mass produced. The kids shared some chips and a near 40cm long hot dog whilst Alan and I had a burger and salad. Food cost : $50 approx.

Finally, we were where the kids had wanted to be all morning – the water zone! We begun in the Lazy rapids where the water was on the warmer side, we did a few laps on the flotation devices before Logan and Alan wanted to go down the big slides. Caitlin was JUST under the 122cm height restriction. So she opted to go onto the Splash Zone play area with some friends. The water there was cold, and she soon ended up back floating around the rapids.

I took two of the more nervous girls down the green (the less scary – apparently) slide. The both wanted to chicken out when we reached the top. And I had the opportunity to talk to them about something I had read during the week – the fact that feeling nervous or anxious has the same bodily effects as excitement. My mind was blown because YES!! Yes… And I have been able to talk myself around my anxiety this week by asking whether I am indeed anxious or could I actually be excited. We went down and I joked the whole way and at the bottom they threw themselves out of the donut and went back for more. I felt good being able to work with them through that fear.

**insert picture from waterproof camera**

As a family we all ended up back in the Lazy rapids before deciding at 4:30pm that we should leave so that we could meet our dinner commitments.

We enjoyed ourselves and we will most definitely return, I have one week to decide whether I upgrade to an annual pass, which upon talking to a number of other friends – I would probably get the use out of it.

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