Loch Sport

Because Alan and I both come from broken homes – how demeaning is that sentence?? I hate saying it like that. But Alan and I both have parents who are divorced, and our Dads have both re partnered. So in years passed we have spread ourselves thin trying to visit four sets of parents who wont be in the vicinity of each other. The last few years we have opted to remove ourselves from that situation and we disappear as a family of four and Santa has to come and find us.

This year we went to Loch Sport,  a gorgeous little coastal village in Gippsland. We have spent a few weekends and weeks away visiting this area and it never disappoints. Where we stay is a short walk to Lake Victoria and a longer walk to 90 Mile Beach. It’s a short drive to the surf beach and the National Park.


Santa managed to find us and we had a lovely morning with bacon and egg muffins and fruit for breaky and a breakfast beer for the husband. Our kids loved their presents – potato included. Santa brings them – something they want, something they need, something to wear and something to read.

We spend a day out exploring Sale and Seaspray. Lots of walks, lots of wildlife – including many kangaroos, a kookaburra, a wombat, rabbits and a baby frill necked lizard. I had a go of four wheel driving on the sandy tracks in the National Park, my first time since pre-kids. They kids had a great time backseat driving.

The local pub had great food and great service – albeit a bit on the expensive side. I ordered a $26 lasagna and it was literally a chuck of lasagna in a bowl with some extra saucy stuff and NO sides!! But it was delicious. Before lunch we walked out on the pier and witnessed a nesting swan – it was a lovely experience which Miss C loved.


We came home on New Years Eve… We all felt like we had had enough of sharing a small space and not having any other contact with other children. My kiddies had definitely had enough of each other by the end of 8 days.

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