Welcome to my site! For as long as I can recall I have kept a journal of some sort (on and off). It’s usually when I am trying to make a HUGE decision or have suffered through something and am required to get my head straight.

Way back when – in my early online presence I had a blog… I cannot find it nor remember what my ramblings were, a blessing in disguise I am sure. I am certain my  two children do not need to read about who I was crushing on or what colour I was planning on dying my hair.

More recently I have attempted to keep a gratitude journal. You see, I sometimes have periods of time where I get quite depressed. And whilst I am medicated for it, sometimes the heavy feeling of it can still get me down regardless of the beauty and joy that is surrounding me. It isn’t fun and sometimes I struggle to recognize that I am gripped by depression until my husband points it out. My anxiety can also trigger depressive episodes which is totally fun (not) but very sad and unfortunate.

Anyway, if you stick around you will get to read all about it (and me, my kids, my life).